Activities of hotels with restaurants
Advertising activity
Agents involved in the sale of ores and metals
Cleaning and cleaning of industrial and residential premises and equipment
Crude oil and natural gas service in these areas
Dental practice
Extending credit
Facilities management nonresidential
Intercity road (bus) passenger transportation, scheduled
Manufacture of ceramic sanitary wares
Manufacture of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper, paperboard and articles thereof
Manufacture of underwear
Manufacture of cutlery and tableware
Manufacture of soap and detergents
Maintenance and repair of other vehicles
Management activities of holding companies
Manufacture of glues and gelatine
Manufacture of parts and accessories of vehicles and their engines
Mining of iron ores by underground mining
Mining and produc-proof salt
Non-alcoholic beverages, except for mineral water
Of motor vehicles through agents
Production of iron castings
Production of glass for watches or glasses, not subjected to optical processing
Production of distilled alcoholic beverages
Production of passenger cars
Production of abrasive products
Production of concrete and reinforced concrete works
Production of meat and meat products
Primary aluminum production
Production of corn oil, starch and starch products
Publication of books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including for the blind
Retail sale of household chemicals, detergents, wallpaper and floor coverings
Rental of trucks with driver
Retail trade in non-specialized stores unfrozen food, beverages and tobacco
Renting of office machinery and equipment, including computers
Risk insurance
The publication of sound recordings
Treatment of waste and scrap of plastics
Transport and communications
Veneers, plywood, boards, panels
Water transport
Wholesale trade of sugar confectionery, including chocolate
Wholesale trade of jewels
Wholesale trade in fertilizers
Wholesale of flowers and other plants


                  Crude oil and natural gas

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Crude oil and natural gas
Unit: Billion USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Crude oil and natural gas


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