Activities of hotels without restaurants
Activities air and space transport
Administration of the state
Advising on business and management
Adult and other education not nec
Car rental
Cement production
Collection and wastewater treatment
Crude oil and petroleum (associated) gas extraction fractions of oil (associated gas)
Investment goods
Jewelry, medals made of precious metals and precious stones
Lime production
Manufacturing fans
Manufacture of cutlery and tableware
Manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard packaging
Manufacture of primary cells, primary batteries and parts
Manufacture of railway rolling stock (locomotives and tramway cars and other rolling stock)
Manufacture of household electrical appliances
Manufacture of rubber products
Manufacture of hosiery
Manufacture of cutlery and tableware
Manufacture of light metal packaging
Manufacture of articles of asphalt or similar materials
Manufacture of cutlery and tableware
Manufacture of linoleum in a textile-based
Mining of iron ores by underground mining
Production of dry concrete mix
Production of salt
Production of electricity by thermal power plants
Production of wooden building structures, including prefabricated wooden structures, and joinery
Production of hot rolled sheet steel (flat) rental
Production of cold-rolled flat-rolled without protective coatings and protective coatings
Printing, is not nec
Production of mineral waters
Preparation of construction site
Production of ready-mixed concrete
Production of furniture for office and shop
Retail orders to
Retail sale of computers, software and peripherals
Retail office furniture
Rental of computers and equipment
Retail sale of lawn and garden machinery and equipment
Teaching in educational establishments of secondary vocational education
Wholesale sale of hardware, hand tools, plumbing and heating equipment
Wholesale trade in unprocessed vegetables, fruits and nuts
Wholesale of fur
Wholesale trade of flour and pasta
Wholesale trade of motor vehicles
Wholesale trade of meat, including offal
Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals


                  Manufacture of wire products

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Manufacture of wire products
Unit: Thousand USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Manufacture of wire products


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