Activities for ground handling of aircraft
Activities in the area of fixed telephony
Buying and selling property other than residential premises
Collection of sewage, waste, and similar activities
Collection and treatment
Crude oil and natural gas service in these areas
Device coatings of buildings and structures
Distribution of gaseous fuels
Efforts to ensure the efficiency of heating networks
Extraction and enrichment of lead-zinc ore
Extraction of peat
Fishing and aquatic biological resources in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and ponds, agricultural producers
Funeral arrangements and the provision of related services
Health and social services
Manufacture of machinery used in crop
Manufacture of nuclear reactors and their components
Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers
Manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard packaging
Manufacture of optical instruments, photographic and film equipment
Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Manufacture of finishing works
Monetary intermediation
Organization of an integrated tourist services
Other mining and quarrying
Production tools
Production of bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt or bitumen, petroleum bitumen, mineral tar or pitches
Production of mineral waters
Production of non-powered railway, tramway and other cars for the carriage of goods
Production of artificial and synthetic fibers
Production of building works on laying pipelines, communication lines and power lines
Production of pharmaceuticals and materials
Production of pasta
Production of semis (billet) for rolling
Retail sale of leather goods and travel accessories
Rolling stock and equipment for leisure and recreation
Spinning flax
Spinning flax
Treatment of non-metal waste and scrap
Wholesale trade in toys and games
Wholesale trade of leather goods and travel accessories
Wholesale trade in paper and paperboard
Wholesale trade in motor vehicles and equipment
Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment
Wholesale trade in synthetic resins and plastics in primary forms
Wholesale trade of cutlery and domestic metal ware
Wholesale trade in ice cream and frozen desserts
Wholesale trade of cutlery and domestic metal ware
Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment for the production of food, beverages and tobacco


                  Wholesale trade of perfumes and cosmetics

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Wholesale trade of perfumes and cosmetics
Unit: Thousand USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 589*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Wholesale trade of perfumes and cosmetics


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