Activities of maritime freight transport
Activities sanatoriums
Activities of sports facilities
Activities for ground handling of aircraft
Cargo handling and storage
Cargo handling
Cargo handling and storage
Intercity vehicle (bus) passenger transportation, scheduled
Leather, leather products and footwear
Libraries, archives, clubs and similar institutions
Marketing market research and public opinion polling
Manufacture of furniture
Manufacture of workwear
Manufacture of basic chemicals
Manufacture of structural metal products
Manufacture of office machinery and computers
Manufacture of control equipment engineer-physical processes
Manufacture of gas generators, apparatus for distillation, filtration or purification of liquids and gases
Manufacture of bearings, gears, items, gears and drives
Manufacture of paints and varnishes
Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
Manufacture of knitted underwear
Maintenance and repair of other vehicles
Postal and courier activities
Production of medicines
Production of steam and hot water (thermal energy) boiler
Production of prefabricated wooden buildings
Production of joinery and carpentry work
Production of chocolate and sugar confectionery
Production of chemical power sources (batteries, primary cells and batteries from them)
Providing brokerage services for mortgage transactions
Production of radiators
Production of construction works and other thermal power plants
Preparing to sell your own non-residential real estate
Retail jewelry
Retail sale of meat, poultry meat, products and canned meat and poultry
Sawmilling and planing of wood, impregnation of wood
Separation and extraction fractions of oil (associated gas)
Spinning of cotton fibers
Vegetable production
Wholesale trade of alcoholic beverages, including beer
Wholesale trade in timber
Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment
Wholesale of sugar and sugar confectionery including chocolate
Wholesale trade in metals in primary forms
Wholesale trade in books
Wholesale trade in seeds, except for oil seeds
Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment for the production of food, beverages and tobacco


                  Production of construction works for buildings

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Production of construction works for buildings
Unit: Million USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 595*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Production of construction works for buildings


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