Activity of air transport, non-scheduled
Activities associated with the production, rental and film screenings
Activities sanatoriums
Activity table with enterprises and institutions and delivery of products catering
Agents involved in the wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco
Agents involved in the sale of paper and paper products
Beer production
Collection and processing of other waste
Collection of sewage, waste, and similar activities
Copper production
Data processing
Diamond cutting
Investment goods
Insurance brokers
Manufacture of structural metal products
Manufacture of furnaces and furnace burners
Manufacture of structural metal products
Manufacture of products of the milling industry
Manufacture of nuclear reactors and their components
Mining of uranium and thorium ores
Operation of garages and parking for vehicles, bicycles, etc.
Operation of gravel and sand pits
Production of pig iron, steel and ferroalloys
Production of mineral waters and soft drinks
Production of glycerin, soap, detergents, cleansers polishes
Production photographs
Production of corn oil, starch and starch products
Production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water (heat energy)
Production of feather and down
Production of building works on laying pipelines, communication lines and power lines
Production of cement, lime and plaster
Production of internal combustion engines for cars
Provision of services to society as a whole
Retail sale of furniture
Retail sale of flowers and other plants, seeds and fertilizers
Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores
Rental of aircraft and equipment
Sports activities
Sugar production
The device of floor covering and wall covering
The activities of the organization of trading on financial markets
The device of floor covering and wall covering
Trade motorcycles and related parts and accessories, maintenance and repair of motorcycles
Treatment of waste and scrap non-ferrous metals except precious
Veterinary activities
Wholesale trade of paints
Wholesale trade in footwear
Wholesale trade of alcoholic beverages, except beer
Wholesale trade through agents (for a fee or contract basis)


                  Provision of employment services

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Provision of employment services
Unit: Thousand USD
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 493*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Provision of employment services


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