Activities of youth camps, hiking and mountain bases
Activities in the field of broadcasting and television
Activities of dealers
Agents involved in the sale of textiles, clothing, footwear, leather and fur
Aluminium production
Breeding pigs
Buying and selling of own real estate
Delivery of products catering
Extraction and enrichment of copper ores
Extraction and enrichment of aluminum-containing raw materials (bauxite and nepheline-apatite ores)
Extraction of coal by underground mining
Health activities
Manufacture of prepared feeds and their components for the animals kept on farms
Manufacture of wire products
Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
Manufacture of optical instruments, photographic and film equipment, except repair
Manufacture of electric furnaces
Manufacture of plastic products used in construction
Manufacture of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper, paperboard and articles thereof
Preparations for the sale of own real estate
Provision of consumer credit
Provision of intermediary services in assessing real estate
Production of modified wood
Production of aluminum oxide (alumina)
Production facilities for flavoring and deodorizing air, production polishes and cleaners, waxes
Provision of various services
Production of cast iron pipes and fittings, cast
Providing services for installation, repair and maintenance of medical equipment and apparatus
Preparing to sell your own residential real estate
Processing of metal products using basic engineering processes
Production of cold-formed steel sections
Production of lead, zinc and tin
Production of iron powders
Production of margarine products
Production of flour from grain and vegetable crops and finished flour mixes and dough for baking
Retail sale of books, magazines, newspapers, stationery
Real estate management
Retail cosmetics and perfumes, except soap
Retail jewelry
Reproduction of fish and aquatic bioresources
Retail trade in timber
Retail sale of hardware, paints and glazing
Rent for temporary lodging furnished rooms
Sports activities
Treatment of waste and scrap non-ferrous metals
Wholesale of metals and metal ores
Wholesale trade in metals in primary forms
Wholesale trade of electrical household appliances
Wholesale trade of technical data carriers (with records without records)
Wholesale trade in synthetic rubber and rubber in primary forms


                  Retail cosmetics and perfumes

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Retail cosmetics and perfumes
Unit: Million USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 601*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Retail cosmetics and perfumes


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