Activities in the area telephone
Activity of air transport, non-scheduled
Activities taxi
Basic metals and fabricated metal products
Build-proof and repairing of ships
Buying and selling land
Efforts to ensure the efficiency of electric networks
Installation of scaffolding and scaffolding
Manufacture of prepared pet foods
Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating boilers, production of nuclear reactors
Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigation and control and other purposes
Manufacture of watches and clocks
Manufacture of furnaces and furnace burners
Manufacture of musical instruments
Manufacture of primary cells, primary batteries and parts
Manufacture of paper and paperboard
Manufacture of railway rolling stock (locomotives and tramway cars and other rolling stock)
Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices
Manufacture of glass
Mining and quarrying, manufacturing, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water
Non-specialized wholesale of frozen food
Non-alcoholic beverages, except for mineral water
Organization of an integrated tourist services
Production of silk fabrics
Production of milk, cream and other dairy products in solid forms
Production of knitted fabric
Production of abrasive products
Production of different products, not included in other categories
Production photographs
Production of mineral thermal and acoustic insulation materials and products
Pulp and paper production, publishing and printing
Publication of books
Rental of aircraft and equipment
Real estate
Retail sale of meat, poultry meat, products and canned meat and poultry
Reproduction of fish and aquatic bioresources
Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories through agents
Storage and warehousing of frozen or refrigerated goods
Sugar production
Technical testing and analysis and certification
Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment for the production of food, beverages and tobacco
Wholesale trade of woodworking machines
Wholesale trade of ferrous metals in primary forms
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, household goods and personal items
Wholesale trade of electrical and thermal energy (without transmission and distribution)
Wholesale trade of explosives
Wholesale trade of fruits, vegetables and potatoes
Wholesale trade newspapers and magazines


                  Retail sale of bread, bakery products and confectionery

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Retail sale of bread, bakery products and confectionery
Unit: Thousand USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 661*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Retail sale of bread, bakery products and confectionery


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