1,1,2,2-tetra (halon-2402)
Agglomerate manganese
Albums and folders for drawing and sketching
Basis for coated abrasives
Bandages and ring
Basis of burst-layer packaging of cigarettes and cigarette brand b
Bathroom taps
Belts rubber wedge
Bottle washing machine
Cast steel
Cable telecommunications
Cationic dyes
Chromium cast iron balls
Cotton yarn single-line (including yarn machines pc)
Compressors for domestic refrigerators
Cookware galvanized steel
Collars fur
Concrete pipe
Drugs to treat dysbiosis
Electric trunk
Elektroferromarganets carbon 76%
Fiber-optic cable for long-distance and urban telephone
Home cheese
Installation paroperedvizhnye
Large electric machines induction of new series of up to 8 mw
Machine pneumomechanical
Motorblocks and cultivators with exchangeable tools
Multicolored fabric
Paper for internal and compensating layers
Partition gypsum boards and panels
Paint powder
Parchment base
Power cables for voltages up to 1 square-with copper conductors
Processing equipment for the garment industry and spare parts
Product engineering application (commercial release)
Ragatsionno forging and radial-swaging
School desks and sets of school desks (trade)
Silk dresses
Skin of bahtarmyanogo spilka
Spare parts for dyeing and finishing equipment
Stable gas condensate
Synthetic ammonia on units in the unit capacity of 400-450 tons per year and above
Tableware and kitchenware, bathroom accessories and stationery, glassware for indoor decoration or similar purposes
Tractor truck
Track machines
Tractors type tb-1
Tt - 4m -07
Vehicles (including chassis)


                  Jackets Children

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Jackets Children
Unit: Thousand pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Jackets Children


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