Assorted structural steel (without blank pipe, except for stainless)
Basis texture
Beer with a normative (standardized) content of the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 0,5% to 8,6% inclusive
Bread from flour (product weight 500 g)
Cement from clinker, obtained by energy-saving technologies
Children's bicycles with pneumatic tires
Cloaks of silk mixed fabrics (cotton with synthetics)
Cotton yarn color
Coking of heavy oil residues
Combines cleaning and plow systems for coal and ore
Container transport
Columns of hot water for baths
Cranes, electrical (including special)
Device management software for machining centers
Deodorizing means
Energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs
Finished fabrics of chemical (staple fibers)
Hydrochloric acid is a synthetic
Knives, forks, spoons, cutlery, metal
Materials for industrial insulation
Mentary and investment material fabric
Oxygen-converter steel
Perlite insulation products
Plaster molding
Portland cement with mineral additives
Proportion of thermoplastics in the total output of synthetic resins and plastics
Products winding
Radial tires (type p) for trucks
Raincoats children
Repair of marine civil courts
Repair and manufacturing equipment for agriculture
Reinforced rolled wheels
Rolled tubes for high pressure boiler
Sets of parts of wooden boxes (drawer sets)
Semi-automatic machines for arc welding and surfacing
Small cheese
Spare parts for process equipment for the textile industry
Spare parts for processing equipment for the cable industry
Sweet tiles on solid fat
Technical purposes
Tool fitter
Tv and radio broadcasting transmitters
Units for well testing
Vitamin flour from wood green
Wire of precision alloys


                  Lines for the production of sausages

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Lines for the production of sausages
Unit: Lines
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Lines for the production of sausages


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