Alkyd resins
Automatic telephone stations with program management
Basis of cable crepe paper
Bandages (rings) of stainless steel
Basis texture
Bulbs lighting
Buckram non-woven with pvc-coated, dining
Ceramic tile
Children's shoes up to n 24, inclusive
Cheese packaged
Clothes for infants
Concentrate lignite
Coal (pure)
Cotton dresses
Container transport from her cardboard boxes
Drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Fire pumps
Grade b-layer framework for the manufacture of packs for bulk products
Hockey sticks child
Jerseys made of cotton and mixed yarn baby
Large concrete wall and silicate units (including concrete blocks basement walls)
Leather gloves
Machines for electrophysical and electrochemical processing of metal
Multicolored fabric
Nepheline concentrate
Passenger cars compartment
Paper for pasting roots book blocks
Players digital laser
Polystyrene plant at the unit capacity of 28 tons per year and above
Polystyrene plant at the unit capacity of 28 tons per year and above
Product from metal powders (without product obtained by the method of rolling)
Protein-vitamin supplements
Pulled pipe for high-pressure boilers
Roller bearings (without cycling)
Self-propelled vessels towing
Silk dresses for children
Spare parts for technological equipment for light industry
Steam boilers with capacity from 0,4 to 10 tons of steam per hour
Steel flasks
Tea and coffee sets
Tissue with the use of chemical fibers
Tractors, wheeled
Tractor type bt-100
Tractors, wheeled
Wall clock
Wheat flour (vitaminized)
Yuft leather goods


                  Husks and peels (trade edition)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Husks and peels (trade edition)
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Husks and peels (trade edition)


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