1 st category by packed
Bread and bakery products
City cable telephony pairing of 600 and above (in this number from)
Cigarette leaf
Cloaks of silk mixed fabrics (cotton with synthetics)
Diesel engines and diesel generators (no automotive)
Electrolytic chromium metal
Electrical appliances
Equipment for galvanic coatings engineering products
Ethyl alcohol, raw
Grinding machines (without polishing)
Heat power plants tempered elektroboylernymi raoees russia
Industrial valves latches, locks and locking assemblies, steel
Install pasteurisation and cooling plate for food liquids
Industrial valves latches, locks and locking components of gray and ductile iron
Juice directly squeezed from one type of vegetable
Kamaz-4325, kamaz-5320 kamaz-53205
Line of automatic and semi-mechanical engineering and metal
Linen baby products made of cotton and mixed yarn
Machines for cotton spinning pneumomechanical
Machines for urban utilities
Machines, drilling for installation of hydrogeological and engineering-geological drilling
Monoblocks storage avtomabilnye plastic
Nesterilizuemye (canned fish)
Oriental sweets and other flour
Paperboard (including corrugated paper)
Phosphatidic food concentrates
Phosphatidic food concentrates
Plucked mica
Power cables for voltage up to 1 square with aluminum housing
Product needle-platinum
Repair of sugar beet harvesters
Riveting for flood barrels
Second lunch dishes (food concentrates lunch dishes)
Single therapeutic pressure chamber of an eye
Special technological equipment for personal needs (including the products of its own mill kostroeniya)
Spring-type terminals zhbr
Spare parts for engines midget
Steam turbine capacity of 80 tys.kvt
Submersible centrifugal pumps for oil
Tool of synthetic diamonds
Tomato (juice, beverage, pasta, mashed potatoes and sauces)
Wool shirts


                  Soybean oil (except technical)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Soybean oil (except technical)
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Soybean oil (except technical)


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