Ammonium sulfate, sodium
Besides chrome leather goods produced from non-standard skins
Carboxymethyl cellulose (technical)
Car spare parts and for maintenance purposes (excluding electrical components)
Chalk and technology
Devices for safety razors
Diammonium phosphate (feed)
Disposable plastic containers
Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :480-channel terminal
Electrode termoantratsit
Equipment for special methods of welding
Floating pumping station
Flour, limestone and dolomite liming of acid soils
Forgings from ingots of stainless steel
Forging machines and rollers
Freshwater chastik
Frozen fish (excluding herring) without production from fishing vessels
Gas turbine fuel
Gas 2310
Hard leather goods
Immunoassay test system screen-hiv and combi-hiv diagnostic carriers of hiv-1 and hiv-2
Linoleum, polyvinylchloride, without real cause
Material of feldspar and quartz-feldspar lumps (gost 7030-75)
Means scented bath
Nonwovens production, technical purposes (replacing fabric made of natural fibers)
Product from metal powders (without product obtained by the method of rolling)
Radiators and convectors heating
Radial roller bearings with cylindrical rollers
Rolling of structural alloy steel (except mf, cold heading and bearing)
Rolled steel furnace vakumirovaniya
Salt in the packaging
Shaped products
Soft roofing materials and isola
Spare parts for imported equipment of polymer
Spare parts for building and road machines
Steam boilers with capacity of 500 tons of steam per hour
Synthetic fatty acid c5-c21 and above
Tape of precision alloys
Tempered glass (stalin) unpolished
Tram tracks
Volga gaz 3102-21
Wire ropes (rope)


                  Feldspathic material and kvartspolevoshpatovy ground (GOST 7030-75)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Feldspathic material and kvartspolevoshpatovy ground (GOST 7030-75)
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 613*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Feldspathic material and kvartspolevoshpatovy ground (GOST 7030-75)


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