Automatic telephone exchange automatic telephone exchange
Automatic hosiery
Axes and hatchet
Baking yeast enriched with iodine
Bed linen
Bread and bakery products (vitamins) enriched with other micronutrients
Bread, rye-wheat and wheat-rye flour from wallpaper
Cars pischuschie (regarding delivery trading organizations)
Canned seafood
Children socks
Condensed and concentrated whey with sugar
Coats, jackets
Coal (pure)
Construction and precast concrete products
Device management software for all kinds of technological equipment
District heating hot water boilers producing more than 10 gcal /
Drugs to treat diseases of the endocrine system, digestive and other diseases
Epoxy resin
Equipment investment casting
Escalators tonelnye
Excavators with bucket capacity of 4 cubic meters and more
Gasket and seals from the
Household refrigerators and freezers
Injectable enzyme preparations
Mattresses children
Machines for production processing of natural stone
Machines for construction and scheduled track maintenance types ksh3, mtd, uk-25/20
Mineral wool slabs on a synthetic binder (in kind)
Neprervynoe glass and glassware
Optical bleaching agents
Piston pumps gear
Plant and equipment cryogenic and spare parts
Quality rolled
Rails (the sum of codes 022210,022218,022220)
Serum used for processing by the dairy industry and sold the food industry and potrebzoyuzu
Silk severe
Sour cream
Sound-recording and radio
Spirits (drinks cognac and kalvadosnye)
Stable gas gasoline
Tapered roller
Telegraphic apparatus
Transporters for manure on the farms of cattle and pig
Track machines
Walking excavator
Welded pipe (without electric)


                  Rotor spinning machine

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Rotor spinning machine
Unit: Thousand spinning seats
Source: Rosstat
Size: 7
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 487*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Rotor spinning machine


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