Alloy steel
Assembly of trucks from imported components and parts
Ascorbic acid
Blades for safety razors
Boric acid 100%
Brudernye installation
Building blocks of natural stone
Butt welding machine
Bucket elevators belt
Cars trucks (tipping)
Car handling
Carpets and rugs from machine lint-free formulation
Ceramic tile
Containerboard (including fluting)
Continuous casting machine with capacity of 1 million tons or more per year
Cored wire for welding and surfacing (including a steel tape and surfacing)
Electric kettles
Formalin technical 37%
Galvanic cells and batteries for electrical appliances
Gypsum, lime, construction, chalk in the packaging of 5-10 kg (in terms of supply commercial organizations)
Home cheese
Kerchiefs group
Lactic acid
Labels, printed wrappers, printed blanks for packaging sheet (sheet-impressions)
Lines for the production of biscuits
Lribory regulation for heating and hot water
Machines and equipment for the industrial laundry and dry cleaning services
Mezdrilnye machine
Mmp-4502, 45085 (gp 5,8 m)
Oil including gas condensate
Optoelectronic devices and displays znakosinteziruyuschie
Plastic frames and mountings for spectacles, or similar devices
Primary processing of tea (assorted)
Roll on teplozvukoizoliruyuschey underlying basis
Sliced veneer
Soft roofing materials and isola
Special technological equipment for personal needs (including the products of its own mill kostroeniya)
Spare parts for equipment polygraphic
Sulfanilamidnye derivatives
Threaded pipe oil range with special compounds
Toilet soap
Welding alloy


                  Carding machine

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Carding machine
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Carding machine


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