Adult sports
Assorted stainless steel (not stainless steel pipe billet)
Asbestos 0-6 groups
Bearings recovered
Bonds bolts and nuts
Buses uaz
Burst basis and boxed including: burst-layer packaging of cigarettes and cigarette brands and
Bulbs lighting
Centrifugal pumps nutrient
Clay refractory
Drugs to treat diseases of the endocrine system, digestive and other diseases
Drill pipes
Drilling for the installation maintenance and deep exploration drilling
Fabrics of synthetic filament yarn
Graders capacity of more than 250 hp
Heating boilers
High-strength drill pipes
Horseradish liquid
Instrumentation and automation tools for registration and regulation of heat energy
Kamaz-53202, kamaz-53227, kamaz-53212, 53213, kamaz-5325, kamaz-53211
Lighters for individual use and gas equipment
Lockers for clothes and linen
Machine for pressing clothes
Machines for smoothing and doubling of parts of uppers
Metal shovel
Muscovite-23352 pickup
Narrow-gauge diesel locomotives power more than 150 hp
Nonstandard equipment
Nonwovens production, technical purposes (replacing fabric made of natural fibers)
Portable power
Products from polymeric materials obtained by using radiation technology
Press for the shoe industry
Pumping station
Radio receiving device manufactured under license from foreign companies using imported component parts
Repair of sugar beet harvesters
Roller rail (axle)
Rolling with the pipes and forgings from ingots (including logging for export and the workpiece for rolling on other plants)
Speakers subscriber
Synthetic resins and intermediates for synthetic fiber
Threads fishing
Weight cotton rag
Wool single-line



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Chopmeat
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Chopmeat


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