Agar, agoroid
Basis for the binding material with a polymer coating
Capillary alloy kovar
Cakes, pies and donuts
Cable products for the weight of copper
Canned mushrooms
Catch herbivorous fish in reservoirs
Condensed milk with sugar
Coal for coking
Devices, automation equipment and spare parts
Dry mixes for dieticheskogopitaniya (enpity and low lactose mixture)
Electric irons manufactured under license from foreign companies using imported components
Fish soups dry
Freight elevators
Household electric coffee
Implantable pacemakers
Iron ore (trade)
Knitted fabric, commodity production
Machine tools for secondary schools
Men's wool suits
Mica industrial raw
Non-woven wool batting
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) enamelled
Oriental sweets and other flour
Pastries made of wheat flour 1 grade (product weight 500 g or less)
Party dresses
Pasta (fortified)
Polyethylene secondary granular
Processing equipment for ferrous metallurgy
Refrigerators refrigerator compartment capacity of 200 above
Rolled stainless steel
Severe leaf crude
Silica products
Slabs strengthened
Spare parts for processing equipment for the cable industry
Steam capacity exceeding 10 tons of steam per hour
Steam turbine power tys.kvt 180-1000
Terry fabrics, sheets, towels
Thin-walled seamless tube
Timber, including sawn timber from raw material
Wooden beds


                  Antibiotics (ready-made forms)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Antibiotics (ready-made forms)
Unit: Million Packaging
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Antibiotics (ready-made forms)


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