Aggregates such as the cns and water injection in oil reservoirs
Aggregates such as the cns and water injection in oil reservoirs
Aluminum barrel
Assembling cars from imported components and parts
Basis of tissue (reels)
Cable products by type: bare wires for overhead power lines (bare wire by weight of copper)
Court of transport, technical and auxiliary river
Costumes winterized for winter sports
Cotton yarn single-line (including yarn machines pc)
Concrete blocks and the tubing for tunnels and barring
Designs and products from the lungs and cellular concretes
District heating hot water boilers with capacity up to 10 gcal / hour (from 4 and above)
Electric fans room
Electrical industry: layered insulating materials
Electric musical instruments keyboards
Equipment made of titanium and its alloys and spare parts
Gingerbread and love of mike
Heavy steel, including the strip for rail fastening
High-voltage electrical apparatus
Iron powder and technology
Leather and fur in selling prices
Line of automatic and semi-forging, stamping
Linen and fabric ready penkodzhutovye
Machines for applying to the soil organic fertilizers
Machines for track maintenance
Metal drums (200 liter basis)
Metal doors
Microbial plant protection products (in terms of titer dendrobacillin 30 mlrd.sp / h)
Mineral fertilizers on the species (in nutrient taken for each species (nitrogen: urea)
Mordant dyes for wool and cotton
Nitric acid is weak, monohydrate (trade edition)
Nodes to drilling rigs
Oat dietprodukty, produced from oat
Oilcloth on the fabric with pvc coating, dining
Phenol resin without resins, which went on production pressporoshkov (in terms of anie partial contents of dry matter)
Pipe corrosion
Product grinding chugonnye high-
Profile pipes for machine
Semi-hard cheeses
Slit lamp
Stainless cold-rolled steel sheet
Textile auxiliary substances
Thin-walled tubes, electric-carbon with a diameter of 114 mm
Vitamin flour from wood green
Wire ropes (rope)


                  Lamb category I

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Lamb category I
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Lamb category I


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