And vending machines phototypesetting
Bitters and liqueurs mild
Bleached kraft
Canned baby
Cars liftgate
Cardboard packaging
Catch of fish and other seafood
Casting machines
Chess wooden chess boards
Cheese for infants
Coal concentrate
Concentration of fruit juices in a large container for industrial processing (trade)
Cross shoes for children do24, 0 inclusive
Diesel engines and diesel generators (commercial release)
Diatoms products
Forgings from ingots
Frozen squid
Galvanic cells and batteries and nickel-cadmium cylindrical rechargeable batteries with a capacity 10a4
Industrial valves latches, locks and locking components of gray and ductile iron
Kamaz-4310, kamaz 43105, kamaz 53228
Kamaz - 65111 \ 14t \
Machinery and equipment for continuous casting billets
Meat and chicken
Mining equipment automation, signaling and communications
Mineral wool (heading)
Minium lead
Paints, varnishes, primers, fillers silicate
Pens to ballpoint pens (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Pipe with heat-hardened
Polishing tools
Port and service-razezdnye (cutters, boats, etc.)
Rye - wheat flour
Salt purified and technical potash production from waste
Sectional steel
Spare parts for technological equipment for light industry
Steel pipes lined with plastics
Sugar from the raw material of public resources
The mini motor cars and the narrow gauge
Trailers of all types of passenger cars (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Tractor cultivators
Turbine power 16 tys.kvt
Vegetable juices (sterilized)
Vending machines and packaging rasfosovki plate and pasty food
Volga gaz-31105
Wall materials (without wall concrete panels)
Wheel gear and sprocket plate chains (trade edition)


                  Shoes tailor population

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Shoes tailor population
Unit: Thousand steam
Source: Rosstat
Size: 11
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Shoes tailor population


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