Amine salt of 2,4-d 50%
Based burst and boxed
Barbed wire
Billet stainless pipe
Boilers continuous
Cellulose esters and plastics based on them
Designs and products from the lungs and cellular concretes
Drinks based on vacuum-wort and concentrated juice
Enzyme preparations
Equipment made of titanium and its alloys and spare parts
Ethyl technology
For synthetic veneer
Furniture and decorative
Galvanized steel sheet
Grade b-layer framework for the manufacture of packs for bulk products
Knives, forks, spoons, cutlery, metal
Large buses (from 90 to 120 seats) and very large (over 120 seats) capacity
Machine shaft loading side dump bucket
Microcalculators (in terms of delivery of commercial organizations)
Mine scraper conveyor
Motokolyaski disabled
Normalized rolling (sheet)
Oriental sweets and other flour
Paper for copying avtorotatora
Paper-axis scale (graph paper)
Products winding
Production of enrichment enrichment plants, coal for coking: concentrate
Processing of coal at preparation plants
Radio receiving device
Rectified ethanol
Rolled metal smelted in a plasma-arc furnaces
Rubber crumb
Salted herring
Sheet steel tool
Sleeping bags
Smoked food
Steam capacity of 25 tons of steam per hour
Steam turbine capacity of 50 tys.kvt
Steam turbine power tys.kvt 180-1000
Technology cardboard that-17-21-35-75
Telephones of general application
Tool steel plate (4 mm)
Universal machines
Vellum paper for tracing paper and natural food packaging
Water economizers for boilers of small and medium productivity


                  Base offset

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Base offset
Unit: Billion square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Base offset


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