Antiseptization and antipirirovanie (surface treatment): commodity lumber and products for housing
Automatic watering for cattle
Autocomplect assembly is exported
Band saw machines, and jigsaws
Cellulose commodity
Chromium cast iron balls
Compressors for domestic refrigerators
Cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes for oil and gas fields
Deodorizing means
Electrical appliances
Electric water heaters (for livestock farms)
Electrical automotive, appliances and carbs
Equipment plywood
Flax bast long
Fluorotrichloromethane (cfc-ii)
Fortified milk
Hitch tractor
Live fish
Local installation for water and wastewater
Mats sewed-insulating basalt insulation materials
Microwave devices electrovacuum
Milled and slouch boots with rubber bottom
Nickel-cadmium cylindrical rechargeable batteries
Pipes and piping parts of grp
Pigments and varnishes
Prince vladimir
Protein-vitamin concentrates from new types of raw materials
Pumps for wells and hand-held electrical
Pumps, chemical and special
Sausage cooked poultry
Shunting locomotives and industrial power broad gauge 220 hp above
Smoked fish
Soft cheeses
Steam boilers with capacity from 2,5 to 10 tons of steam per hour
Steam boilers with capacity from 0,4 to 10 tons of steam per hour
Table tennis
Tissue with the use of chemical fibers
Trucks over 3.0 tonnes
Urban telephone communication cables (in this calculation)
Weight cotton rag
Wires and cords of the weak current-reproducers


                  Personal Computers

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Personal Computers
Unit: Thousand pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Personal Computers


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