6 aminopenitsillinovaya acid
Active dyes
Assorted stainless steel (not stainless steel pipe billet)
Basis texture
Backhoe bucket capacity of 0.65 cubic
Bulk yarn
Calcium carbide
Cast iron
Cast iron
Cement torque
Chromite ore
Coke in terms of 6% moisture
Coking equipment (no cars tripper)
Dynamo steel sheet
Electrolytically in a piece
Equipment from non-ferrous metals and spare parts
Hearing aids
Household products (as they oscillate in the supply of commercial organizations)
Horseradish liquid
Iron ore raw
Lespeflan (100 vials
Mastics, pastes, preparations for the device mastic roofing, roofing and waterproofing
Machine vprs 500 vypravochno-tamping-straightening for turnouts
Mainline locomotives
Machine air percussion drilling
Medical syringes
Mining coal underground mining
Modular machines
Narrow gauge railway track
Oil including gas condensate
Pens to ballpoint pens (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Radio receiving device
Ryazhenka and fermented boiled milk
Sewn on the jersey enterprises
Silk severe
Spare parts for chemical equipment, including: # import spare parts for chemical equipment
Steel plate in coils
Steel, smelted in the furnace by vacuum induction melting
Thermal and katalicheskoe krekirovanie raw
Underwear made of cotton fabrics for toddlers
Water-gas pipes


                  Correct and bending machines

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Correct and bending machines
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 11
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Correct and bending machines


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