Albumin technology
Assorted tool steel carbon
Assorted high-speed steel and its alternatives
Blazer vlagovetrozaschitnye
Calico group
Casing high-
Chilled (excluding herring)
Chromite ore
Containers are versatile heavy type 1cc with increased internal volume
Cotton jacket of water-repellent fabric
Crawler excavators career
Devices for control and regulation of technological processes
Diesel engines and diesel generators vysokoefektivnye for shipbuilding and special
Diesel oil
Diesel power to run rail capacity 600 tys.kvt. above
Electric trunk (in the eight-year)
Enisej - 1200-rm
Extraction of peat (in the conditional vlazhnostina period may-september)
Facing products made of natural stone
Flour, limestone and dolomite liming of acid soils
Formalin technical 37%
Fresh frozen semi-finished and ready meals
Gloves of shubnoy sheepskin
Instruments and apparatus optical-mechanical (without optics cultural and domestic purposes)
Lcv-55 (skidding)
Medical syringes
Opencast coal mining
Pischevarochnye frying and heat registers
Pipe including electropolished
Product switching
Profile pipes for mechanical engineering
Processing equipment for leather, footwear, fur and leather industry and pasni parts for it
Rolled tubes for high pressure boiler
Salted herring
Selikotsirkony 40%
Shubnoy sheepskin jackets, covered with a cloth
Spare parts for equipment for processing polymeric materials
Tires, recovered by applying a new tread
Tractors type ltz-155
Units for well testing
Wool in terms of pure fiber


                  Devices for physics research

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Devices for physics research
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Devices for physics research


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