Assorted tool steel small sections
Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)
Baking yeast enriched with iodine
Bearings and high precision class osobovysokogo
Boilers, steam generators
Bromhladony (halons) ozonoaktivnye
Bus slot
Care for your teeth
Cationic dyes
Cementing units
Cellulose (for cooking), including semi-chemical)
Chairs (including children)
Cold-rolled and cold-drawn
Concentrate lignite
Drinks at berry extracts and concentrated juices
Electrical connectors
Equipment plywood
Ethyl alcohol, drinking 95%
Ferroboron (ferroborol) 5%
Forgings from ingots
Forging machines and rollers
Galvanic cells and batteries and nickel-cadmium cylindrical rechargeable batteries with a capacity 10a4
Hearing aids
Household sewing machines manufactured under license from foreign companies using imported components
Krovozameniteli and other means plazmozamenyayuschie
Lancet fish
Liquid complex fertilizers (hcs)
Line of automatic and semi-manufactures for woodworking
Means against household insects, rodents, and means for disinfection
Mineral water drinking flavored
Mixed-pollen allergens from trees
Nitronic (polyacrylonitrile)
Overalls (clothing)
Pickled cucumbers
Ready-to-serve food
Rolled steel increased and high strength steel for
Sewing machines household tipazig-zag
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Steam boilers of 75 tons of steam per hour
Steel sheets with a thickness of 4-9 mm
Support structures for the installation of computers and robotic devices
Synthetic fibers and yarns
Terminal screws with nuts
Trucks over 8 tons
Walking excavator
Wheel seamless


                  Products 2,5% fat

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Products 2,5% fat
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Products 2,5% fat


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