Alternators capacity of over 100kw
Albumin technology
Artificial soft skin
Armco (unalloyed)
Articulated trolley buses with thyristor controlled
Band saw machines, and jigsaws
Batteries and alkaline batteries
Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)
Blades for safety razors
Chemical fiber
Children's coats faux fur (on the basis of knitting), artificial astrakhan and lambskin
Chemical fibers and threads
Cigarette basis (bobbin)
Coal concentrate
Equipment made of graphite and impregnated graphite and spare parts
Feed antibiotics (in terms of bacitracin)
Filters for liquid food products
Filter for diesel fuel bfdt
Forging machines
Frozen fish (without herring), produced on board the fishing vessel
High-strength drill pipes
Insulation products from foam
Liquefied hydrocarbon gases
Low-power electric motors for the acquisition of non-food consumer goods
Narrow-gauge diesel locomotives power more than 150 hp
Normal-lighting bulbs (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Paper electrographic copiers rotary type copier 3600
Pile group
Pipe tubing
Pork stew
Products art weaving in selling prices
Pumps, sand, dirt and sludge
Section steel with special properties
Software for personal computers
Speakers subscriber trehprogramnye
Spare parts for equipment for processing polymeric materials
Terry cloth
Television picture tubes of color image
Thick-walled steel drums
Viscose and acetate
Water economizers for boilers of small and medium productivity
Welded pipes of large diameter (over 480 mm)


                  Repair of corn, silage and forage harvesters

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Repair of corn, silage and forage harvesters
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 577*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Repair of corn, silage and forage harvesters


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