Active dyes
Atp injection
Big electric
Boots, boots
Carpets and rugs
Cd-cassette tape
Chair beds
Drawing transparent paper
Dried pulp
Dry milk, dried cream, and mix in a shallow-bagging
Feed concentrates
Flax nonwoven batting
Floating cranes
Install starter
Jacquard fabric sheet
Juice drinks
Linen white and half-white tight
Materials for industrial insulation
Machine to loosen the sgp, grease, and tighten the screws, terminal screws and mortgages capacity of 800 units per hour
Meat balls
Moskvich cars (front-wheel)
Nitrogenous fertilizers (in terms of 100% nitrogen)-grained
Oil pumps
Phosphoric acid extraction
Processing equipment for processing industries of agroindustrial complex and its spare parts
Printing machines
Repair of sugar beet harvesters
Ring blanks received hot rolling
Roller rolling forged
Roller-bending machines (without roll of corrugated iron)
Rolled metal smelted in furnaces electro-slag remelting
Severe fine linens
Skrapnye alligator
Sodium nitrite (crystalline and liquid)
Solvents for varnishes, enamels, primers and fillers on the polymerization resins
Spinning machines
Spare parts for equipment for the building materials industry
Structural hot-rolled thin sheet (up to 4 mm)
Talcum powder
Terrain vehicle
Tool steel plate (4 mm)
Uaz-3741-01 (gp 0,8 m)
Varietal crank cutting and blanks
Woodwind musical instruments
Woolen clothes - children


                  Chilled (without herring), manufactured on board fishing vessels

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Chilled (without herring), manufactured on board fishing vessels
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 637*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Chilled (without herring), manufactured on board fishing vessels


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