Acetic acid 80% (food)
Apparatus and cooking pots for confectionery and canning production
Automatic watering for pigs
Basis for chalking
Blended on the apple juice
Burefen (betanal) 15,9% emulsion concentrate
Car wash for fruits and vegetables
Cables pilot block (in this calculation)
Carnallite enriched
Converter systems for electric and electric
Cotton dresses
Drkb filter for cleaning oil diesel heavy-duty
Electric pipe
Fishing vessels
Four-wheel excavators with hydraulic drive
Incubators (incubators for children)
Iron ore raw
Laundry soap, produced at meat processing plants
Linoleum, polyvinylchloride, without real cause
Lighting-cords with copper and bimetallic residential
Lime technology
Low-fat cottage cheese
Non-woven batting (the sum of codes 774616, 774617, 774618, 774619)
Obesftorennye phosphates of apatite concentrate
Patterned glass
Potassium: mixed potassium salts
Power to work on solid fuel power 3.1 gcal / h
Radiographic film
Reinforced rolled wheels
Skimmed and buttermilk used for industrial processing in the dairy industry
Soft cheeses
Special machines for resistance welding
Stuffing food
Technical synthetic ethyl alcohol
Ties (without the pioneer)
Tissue with the use of chemical fibers
Treatments for neuropsychiatric diseases
Urban telephone communication cables (in this calculation)
Vegetable juices (sterilized)
Vegetable juices and baby food ovoschefruktovye
Whole milk replacer liquid (in physical weight)


                  Plumbing and headset from non-ferrous metals

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Plumbing and headset from non-ferrous metals
Unit: Million pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Plumbing and headset from non-ferrous metals


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