Agar, agoroid
Apparatus and instruments, chemical laboratory glass, porcelain and quartz
Bandages (rings) of stainless steel
Capillary alloy kovar
Carts, travel, wagon
Centrifugal pumps nutrient
Cheeses and fat mass syrkovaya
Cheese packaged
Cloaks of silk mixed fabrics (cotton with synthetics)
Clothing materials
Cotton yarn twisted
Cotton finished
Cookware non-stick
Condensed milk, sterilized without sugar
Crustaceans and molluscs
Electric water tube
Ferrovanadium 38%
Four-wheel excavators with hydraulic drive
Kerchiefs group
Krovozameniteli and other means plazmozamenyayuschie
Mastic izol
Machines for spot and projection welding
Mineral wool slabs asphalt binder
Mmp-45021 (gp 5,8 m)
Motor gasoline
Natural gas
Parts for electrical equipment
Pastries made of wheat flour 1 grade (product weight 500 g or less)
Phosphate fertilizer, including flour phosphate (equivalent to 100% p205)
Pipes and piping parts of grp
Polymer films fine
Product needle-platinum
Repair of marine civil courts
Sectional steel
Sets of cages for hens, chickens and broilers
Sectional steel
Shoes from waste (sewn vtsehah crap)
Shoes with leather sole baby to n 24, inclusive
Single-line-wool worsted
Soup and stew sets
Sulfated liquidity
Thin-walled tubes, electric-carbon with a diameter of 114 mm
Transfer of broad-gauge turnouts
Tsementosmesitelnye machine
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Yeast baking packed up to 100 g inclusive



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Tarpaulin
Unit: Million linear meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Tarpaulin


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