Acetic acid 80% (food)
Aluminum barrel
Anti-asthmatic and anti-histamines
Assorted dishes
Barbed wire
Baby coat fur
Cast iron sewer pipe and fittings for them
Cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes for oil and gas fields
Diesel power to run rail capacity 600 tys.kvt. above
Dried pulp
Electric wind power
Electric industry
Equipment for galvanic coatings engineering products
Falcons and wine grape
Heating oil
Hollow glass blocks
Iron powder and technology
Kamaz-4325, kamaz-5320 kamaz-53205
Lockers for clothes and linen
Metal doors
Minium lead
Mineral fertilizers on the species (in nutrient taken for each species (nitrogen: urea)
Microbial plant protection products (in terms of titer dendrobacillin 30 mlrd.sp / h)
Moo-27151-01 (g.p.0, 4 t)
Oriental sweets and other sugary
Paste from butyric cow milk
Power semiconductor devices (commercial release)
Prefabricated structures and articles of heat-resistant concrete
Press for the shoe industry
Press-scissors combined
Rolled steel increased and high strength steel for
Russian and russian-type
Sea bream
Shoes and a felt felted
Sharpening machines, polishing and deburring grinding
Special high-pressure pipelines with a diameter of 100 mm and above
Steam turbine
Synthetic filament film
Technical ethyl alcohol rectified synthetic
Thick-walled steel drums
Transmission lines and communication
Trucks with diesel engines
Tsementosmesitelnye machine
Uaz cars of all modifications
Universal machines
Urban automatic telephone exchanges with program management


                  Pork 2 categories

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Pork 2 categories
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Pork 2 categories


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