Bath slivkosozrevatelnye
Basis of cable crepe paper
Basis for adhesive tape
Beer with a normative (standardized) content of the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 0,5% to 8,6% inclusive
Brush teeth
Bread flour 1 grade (mass products of more than 500 g)
Butyl alcohol and isobutyl
Cast iron sewer pipe and fittings for them
Cotton jacket of water-repellent fabric
Coats, jackets
Enisej - 1200-1-nm
Equipment for mechanized welding methods
Flat wooden pallets
Forage harvesters kcc-2, 6
Furyl alcohol
Gas, dry gas processing plants
Grade b-layer framework for the manufacture of packs for bulk products
Jackets warm (including skiing), wind, wind-and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, women's or girls
Jewelry in actual prices (net of vat and excise)
Liquid oil asphalt road
Linen sheet wadding
Machines for construction and maintenance of reclamation projects
Men's linen products in cotton and mixed yarn
Mineral fertilizers (in terms of 100% of nutrients)
Nut free
Parchment base
Parchment base
Portland cement with plasticizer
Quality rolled
Rackets badminton
Radio complex and stereos
School desks and sets of school desks (trade)
Siloxane rubbers, ftorsiloksanovye, fluoroelastomers, sulfur-containing polymers
Skiing wood-plastic
Snow machines, snow blowers, rotor, struga, snow blowers and more snow removal equipment
Spare parts for railway transport
Television picture tubes
Tool fitter
Trilon b
Tractors-type tb-1m-15
Trade and refrigerating equipment
Zinc oxide


                  Machines with high and very-high-precision

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Machines with high and very-high-precision
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Machines with high and very-high-precision


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