50-liter bottles
Adult sports
Anesthesia and respiratory devices
Assembling cars from imported components and parts
Bura dental
Byproducts of 2 categories
Car spare parts and for maintenance purposes (excluding electrical components)
Cellulose grade sample (sulfite bleached)
Circuit breakers (automatic installation)
Cookware steel enamel
Double superphosphate
Fruit juices
Glass fiber thermoplastics
Glass elektroarmaturnoe
Krovozameniteli and other means plazmozamenyayuschie
Kumaronindenovye and petroleum resins
Machine air percussion drilling
Machines for urban utilities
Men's socks made of cotton and mixed yarn
Mineral wool and its products (in terms of conventional cotton)
Muscovite-23352 pickup
Needles for household sewing machines
Neprervynoe glass and glassware
Netverdeyuschie postmark on the basis of polyisobutylene and butyl rubber (sealing and sealing)
Nonwoven materials such as tissue
Nonwoven materials such as tissue
Polymer films
Protein food microbiological
Profiles of bent steel sheet with trapezoidal corrugations for building
Quilted blankets incl. children
Satin blanket
Sewn on the jersey enterprises
Shunting locomotives and industrial power of 400 hp
Silicate and slag brick
Steam boilers producing 210 tons of steam per hour
Steel welded
Tissue with the use of chemical fibers
Uaz - 3160 (jeep)
Women's socks
Zil-mmz-4952 (metallovoz)


                  The ships and harbor, transport, technical, support, and fishing

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: The ships and harbor, transport, technical, support, and fishing
Unit: Units
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 703*273
Charts - Production in Russia - The ships and harbor, transport, technical, support, and fishing


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