Bagged food fish production by weight of finished product (without paid bookmarks)
Bolts travel offs with nuts for rail fastening
Bus chassis slot
Calcium nitrate
Cars vases of all the modifications
Capillary alloy cov
Cigarette leaf
Cotton fabrics, containing less than 85 wt.% cotton with the addition of mainly or solely man-made fibers
Cranes on tractors carrying up to 10 tons
Electric wind power
Equipment mouths types oue and oush
Fish fillets ice cream (without herring), produced on board fishing vessels
Fluorescent lighting bulbs
Food concentrates
Galvanized steel roof
Glass fatsetirovannoe
Grp pipes
Grain cleaning separators
Gypsum, lime, construction, chalk in the packaging of 5-10 kg (in terms of supply commercial organizations)
Machinery beschokernoy skidding and paketopodborschiki
Malt beverages on raw
Medical instruments - scalpels
Milk sugar, refined
Multimikrotest for identification of enterobacteria (mmt-n)
Nap track machine production
Newspaper (circulation conditioned in a 4-band terms, a2)
Opencast mining with bucket capacity of 10 cubic meters above
Pipe including electropolished
Product engineering application (commercial release)
Rolling with the pipes and forgings from ingots (including logging for export and the workpiece for rolling on other plants)
Serum used for processing in the dairy industry
Shirts and blouses with the use of synthetic staple fibers blended with cotton
Silk dresses for children
Steam turbine with capacity of less than 50 tys.kvt
Steel, smelted duplex process (vip + var)
Synthetic leather sk
Synthetic rubber, natural replacement
Thermal and katalicheskoe krekirovanie raw
Trailers of all types of passenger cars (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Ural-5557 (gp 7 t)
White pigments
Writing tables


                  Industrial valves, piping, valves, locks and locking assemblies thereto

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Industrial valves, piping, valves, locks and locking assemblies thereto
Unit: Million pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 661*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Industrial valves, piping, valves, locks and locking assemblies thereto


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