Assorted high-speed steel and its alternatives
Baker's yeast
Band saw machines, and jigsaws
Bone meal feed
Calcium nitrate
Carbon dioxide
Chintz group
Chains of gold and silver
Containers are versatile heavy type 1cc with increased internal volume
Condensed whey (without sugar)
Coking of heavy oil residues
Drugs for cancer treatment
Equipment for beekeepers (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Feed mixtures
High-strength drill pipes with welded locks (tbpz)
Installation of wells for dewaxing
Jackets men
Kerosene lighting
Local installation for water and wastewater
Mixture to broth (buckwheat, rice, oats)
Mmp - 5822 (g.p.2, 5)
Monoblocks rechargeable avtomabilnye
Needles for medical syringes
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) coated
Paper industry and for household purposes, including: the selection of the capacitor
Peat briquettes and polubrikety
Poultry evisceration
Processing equipment for the textile industry and spare parts
Products with diamonds
Rubber proderzhechnaya
Salt in the packaging
Soft drinks
Sucker rod pumps
Sucker rod pumps
Submersible electric
Sulfate pulp
Tableware and kitchenware, bathroom accessories and stationery, glassware for indoor decoration or similar purposes
Terrain vehicle
Top children's shirts
Tractor cultivators
Turbo-compressors refrigeration installation


                  Containerboard (including fluting)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Containerboard (including fluting)
Unit: Billion square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Containerboard (including fluting)


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