-linen dresses
Automatic watering for pigs
Bags (sack) of polymeric materials
Bridge beams for oil rigs
Canned milk in tin n14
Containerboard (including fluting)
Cups and saucers
Diesel engines and diesel generators (no automotive)
Double-layer steel with stainless steel cladding layer
Filament synthetic textile
Fibers and yarns dyed in the mass
Forgings from ingots of stainless steel
Heavy technical fabrics
Industrial sewing machines
Jewelry in actual prices (net of vat and excise)
Kamaz-55102 (gp 14 tons)
Leaded steel sheet
Loggers jaw type
Machines boltoreznye and gaykonareznye
Mantle blends of synthetic and artificial fibers and cotton
Machines for resistance welding
Magnetic steel
Medicines for anesthesia and local anesthesia
Men's linen products in cotton and mixed yarn
Mine scraper conveyor
Oilcloth fabric based
Packaging polymer transportation
Pastries made of wheat flour 1 grade (product weight 500 g or less)
Phenols untreated. mixture and the fraction of phenols and their derivatives
Pumps for liquid manure
Shirt top
Sheet with special properties (4 mm)
Silk finished
Skimmed and buttermilk used for industrial processing in the dairy industry
Slit lamp
Soft (insulation)
Spinning machines
Steel reinforcing class a-2 (without low-alloy)
Submersible centrifugal pumps for oil
Transporters for manure on the farms of cattle and pig
Universal team readjustable accessories
Ural-5323 (gp 9 t)
Vermiculite bellied
Wall smaller blocks (without the cellular concrete blocks)


                  Heat generators

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Heat generators
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Heat generators


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