Birch and deciduous
Bread and bakery products (vitamins)
Cationic dyes
Casting color
Carding machines for cotton
Carbon dioxide
Canning and antipirirovanie (deep impregnation): commodity lumber and products for housing
Cheese for infants
Construction sand
Cords fishing
Cookware non-stick
Cores and magnets
Drugs for the treatment of diabetes
Electric equipment
Electronic quartz watches
Equipment investment casting
Equipment and apparatus for flame processing of metal and plating products
Equipment made of graphite and impregnated graphite and spare parts
Ethyl alcohol from food raw
Fabrics of synthetic fibers
Fresh frozen fruit and berries
Heating, melting, crucible units and heaters
Heat supplied by power
Horseradish liquid
Machines for electrophysical and electrochemical processing of metal
Mix concrete (trade edition)
Mineral wool slabs on a synthetic binder (in kind)
Oil pumps
Parchment base
Piling hammers
Portland cement for export
Portable tvs
Processed cheese lomtevye
Selikokaltsy 15-28%
Sewing machines household
Spare parts for compressors for maintenance needs
Sulfuric acid from waste gases
Technical ethyl alcohol rectified sulfite
Tobacco smoking and pipe
Urban automatic telephone exchanges with program management
Wall smaller blocks (without the cellular concrete blocks)
Wheat flour and wheat-rye
Whole milk



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Steel
Unit: Million m
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Steel


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