Abrasive wheels for power roughing grinding
Aluminum folding bed
Assorted tool steel small sections
Bath pasteurisation capacity of 600 liters and above
Burst basis and boxed including: burst-layer packaging of cigarettes and cigarette brands and
Catch herbivorous fish in reservoirs
Casing high-
Cargo truck 1,5-8 tons
Crushed stone and gravel from natural stone and sand and gravel
Derivatives of vinyl acetate
Electrical appliances
Engines for automobiles in completing engineering products for interagency supply-tractor
Fiber flax (including cork)
For care of the cars, motorcycles, bicycles
Fruit drinks
Generators for hydraulic turbines
Glass tile kovrovomozaichnye
Izoizdaniya, music, cartographic and other publications
Krovozameniteli and other means plazmozamenyayuschie
Light bulbs table (without lights souvenirs)
Loading cranes travel databases
Microwave ovens (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Mineral wool slabs asphalt binder
Normalized rolling (sheet)
Outboard engines (in terms of delivery of commercial organizations)
Paz - 3237
Paints and varnishes progressive
Partition gypsum boards and panels
Perlitovoloknistye insulation boards
Phenols untreated. mixture and the fraction of phenols and their derivatives
Prefabricated meat
Profile pipes for mechanical engineering
Product needle-platinum
Radial tires (type p) for passenger cars
Semi-frozen meat
Skirts child
Skins of foxes silver-black
Spare parts for agricultural machines for planting for the maintenance of railway well
Terry sheets
Tile acid and termokislotoupornye
Tights child
To-703m (skidding)
Trilon b
Tube drawn general purpose
Tulle curtains
Uaz - 3160 (jeep)
Writing tables
Yogurt for infants


                  Pulled tube bearing

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Pulled tube bearing
Unit: Thousand m
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Pulled tube bearing


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