Alcohol - crude ethyl grape
Assorted candies
Asbestos 0-6 groups
Basis for electrochemical impulsive paper
Band saw machines, and jigsaws
Beer with a normative (standardized) content of the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 8.6% inclusive
Billet tube stainless nikelesoderzhaschaya
Brown coal underground
Condensed whey (without sugar)
Condensed whey (without sugar)
Continuous casting machine with capacity of 1 million tons or more per year
Concrete pump
Dietetic canned fruits and vegetables
Diesel oil groups, d, e, e
Drugs to treat diseases of the endocrine system, digestive and other diseases
Grind tv
Gustotertye oil paints
Integrated semi-conductor chips
Linoleum (rolls and tiles)
Machines for construction and scheduled maintenance ways
Machines for arc welding and surfacing
Mine conveyor belt
Mineral wool slabs on a synthetic binder (in kind)
Neprervynoe glass and glassware
Outboard engines (in terms of delivery of commercial organizations)
Parts for electrical equipment
Products 1% fat
Processing equipment for the sugar industry and spare parts
Processing equipment
Product profile molded pvc
Printing equipment and spare parts
Rennet cheese 20% and 30% zhirnsti
Rolling equipment
Roll-formed steel profiles
Rubber crumb
Silicate and slag brick
Silica products
Silk thread
Silicate block
Slabs of tufa, limestone, limestone and other stone
Steam boilers of 75 tons of steam per hour
Thermal insulating spacers
Trucks over 3.0 tonnes
Universal containers with a gross mass of 5 tons (type uuk-5)
Workpiece exact
Zernopogruzchiki capacity of up to 100 tons / hour



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Folgoruberoid
Unit: Thousand square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Folgoruberoid


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