And skimmed buttermilk used for processing in the dairy industry and sold the meat and food industry and consumers
Apparatus for the transmission systems of trunk networks
Articulated trolley buses with thyristor controlled
Basis for binding materials
Bitters and liqueurs strength of 30% and above
Body of specialized vehicles
Butyl acetate (butyl ether acetic acid)
Cables pilot block (in this calculation)
Cottage cheese with fat content of 5% and below
Cookware galvanized steel
Drill pipes
Faux fur jackets
Filter to filter smazachno fluids
Flat wooden pallets
Grinding machines (without polishing)
Grind tv
Grain sorghum, buckwheat, millet and canary seed and other grains
Harvesting pipe (not stainless)
High-strength and reinforcement ropes for concrete
Job dentist
Kumaronindenovye and petroleum resins
Laundry group
Laboratory scales
Light oil
Men's linen products in cotton and mixed yarn
Moskvich-412 o28
Motorblocks and cultivators with exchangeable tools
Oil pumps
Opencast mining with bucket capacity of 10 cubic meters above
Pipe tubing
Polyurethane (spandex)
Powder doped
Sewing machines household
Semi-finished meat chopped
Self-propelled cargo ships carrying capacity of 300 tons and above
Silk jackets for children
Steel plate with special properties (4 mm)
Sweatshirts sporting destination of cotton and mixed fabrics
Synthetic ammonia on units in the unit capacity of 400-450 tons per year and above
Towel and tissue wafer
Unbleached kraft
Vegetable oil from the raw material of public resources
Washing machines, automatic and semiautomatic
Women's linen products in cotton and mixed yarn
Zernopogruzchiki capacity of up to 100 tons / hour


                  Black tea Lapsany

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Black tea Lapsany
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Black tea Lapsany


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