Acetic acid 80% (food)
Blades for safety razors
Buckram non-woven with pvc-coated, dining
Buses marzes
Carbonated beverages, carbonated beverages, dietetic, non-carbonated beverages (fortified) enriched with iodine
Cellulose commodity
Computing and control systems (in the single-rate)
Fish fillets ice cream (without herring) without manufactured on board fishing vessels
Fruit juices
Freight trunk
Gyms (regarding delivery trading organizations)
Hitch tractor
High-strength drill pipes
High-pressure discharge lamps
Household products (as they oscillate in the supply of commercial organizations)
Hydrochloric acid is a synthetic
Investment material fabric
Insulating oils
Juice drinks and vegetable ovoschefruktovye
Kamaz-5511 (chassis)
Line of automatic and semiautomatic machine
Mineral water enriched with fluorine
Micropowders m28 and smaller of electrocorundum white
Phosphatidic concentrate feed
Pipe-laying tractors carrying capacity of 50 tons
Polymer films
Processing equipment for the cable industry and spare parts
Processing equipment for the production of bricks and tiles
Pumps, sand, dirt and sludge
Self-propelled vessels towing
Spirits (drinks cognac and kalvadosnye)
Stainless hot-rolled steel sheet (4 mm)
Steam boilers producing 16 tons of steam per hour
Steam capacity of 35 tons of steam per hour and above
Sugar from sugar beets public resources
Synthetic yarn for cord fabric and technical articles
Tv color image
Urea molding powders (amino), including melalit and resistance to arcing
Varnish combined
Vegetable juices and ovoschefruktovye
Vellum paper for tracing paper and natural food packaging
Zil 5301


                  Stockings women

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Stockings women
Unit: Million steam
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Stockings women


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