Alkyd resins
Assorted cold-steel bearings including
Blast furnace ferromanganese
Bunk platform for the transport of cars
By-products from meat and poultry
Camcorders (tv cameras household) in the supply of commercial organizations)
Car wash for fruits and vegetables
Carpets and rugs from hand made
Cheese and cottage cheese lean mass syrkovaya
Circuit breakers (automatic installation)
Cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes for oil and gas fields
Containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more
Cotton threads
Consolidation of assorted reinforcing steel
Crackers, toast, crispbread
Designs and products from the lungs and cellular concretes
Degasifiers high-pressure tanks
Electric soldering irons
Equipment with a chemically resistant emalepokrytiem and spare parts
Floor escalator
Grade b-layer framework for the manufacture of packs for bulk products
Grinding powders of electrocorundum white: m40, bs3, ko7
Harrow tooth
Hard cheese
Herring all treatments produced no on-board fishing vessels
Isopropyl alcohol (technical)
Large-and body-block housing
Linen white and half-white tight
Mastic izol
Mainline locomotives
Machine cnc
Pads for railway transport
Paper-based products for domestic and sanitary purposes
Pipe corrosion
Processing equipment for the cable industry and spare parts
Rye malt
Seamless pipes
Solvents for varnishes on the polymerization resins
Sold skimmed and buttermilk
Spiced pickled herring and pickled
Spare parts for commercial refrigeration equipment maintenance needs
Steel treated in the ladle with inert gases
Sweeper-mounted with a pneumatic conveyor increased productivity
Units, clusters and machine for cleaning and initial processing of corn


                  Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)
Unit: Thousand square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 535*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)


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