Acetyl cellulose
Air conditioners, domestic
Analytical, and microanalytical ultramikroanaliticheskie
Ascorbic acid
Basic dyes
Basis for the packing and products on vending machines: burst paper for automatic packing groceries
Bread from flour (product weight 500 g)
Button accordions
Combine harvesters (complete)
Commodity food fish products, including canned fish
Coffee beans
Cross-type shoes
Domain equipment
Dutch bruskova
Electric crane
Equipment complexes
Fittings of non-metallic materials
Furniture for offices and agencies at current prices (excluding vat and excise)
Green tea lapsany
Hammer crusher
Hammer crusher
Heating, melting, crucible units and heaters
Immunoassay test system for determining the allergen-human immunoglobulin
Linoleum (rolls and tiles)
Lines for the production of confectionery products (candies, chocolates, toffee and marmalade)
Magnetic tape recorders for
Nitric acid is weak, monohydrate (trade edition)
Photochemical products
Pork with removed crop
Production of enrichment enrichment plants, coal for coking: concentrate
Printing equipment and spare parts
Rolled metal smelted in a plasma-arc furnaces
Spare parts for processing equipment for trade, catering and n ischeblokov
Submersible centrifugal and screw pumps for oil production in corrosion-resisting
The altai tractor plant im.m.i.kalinina
Tomato juice (not drink)
Turbine capacity of 12 tys.kvt
Washing machines, automatic
Washing facilities
Whole milk


                  Hydro-refining of kerosene and diesel fuel

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Hydro-refining of kerosene and diesel fuel
Unit: Million t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Hydro-refining of kerosene and diesel fuel


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