Agricultural machines for planting
Alcohol - crude ethyl grape
Articles of leather and leather produced from bahtarmyannogo spilka, coats, jackets
Billet for rolling on other plants (without harvesting for export)
Blades for safety razors
Boilers continuous
Carbon dioxide
Coats, coats for women
Cotton severe
Cotton severe
Compressors for domestic refrigerators
Dyes, soluble in organic substances
Electric equipment
Forging machines
Knitted fabric, commodity production
Laundry soap, produced at meat processing plants
Linen white and half-white tight
Machines for applying to the soil organic fertilizers
Mmp-4505 (gp 5,8 m)
Paperboard (including corrugated paper)
Pastries made of wheat flour (product weight 500 g less)
Pastries made of wheat flour 1 grade (product weight 500 g or less)
Pipe pumping kompressornyevysokoprochnye
Pipes with protective coatings
Pipe rolled general
Portland travel
Power semiconductor devices (commercial release)
Product from metal powders (without product obtained by the method of rolling)
Pumps, sand, dirt and sludge
Rent with heat-hardened
Sewed-jacquard liroflor
Self-propelled vessels towing
Silicon carbide in a piece
Silk finished
Spare parts for processing equipment for logging, sawmill and timber rafting
Tableware and articles made of non-ferrous metals
Universal machines
Unleaded petrol
Vegetable oil packaged
Weaving machines
Yak - 54


                  Fat, fish and marine mammals

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Fat, fish and marine mammals
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Fat, fish and marine mammals


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