Acetate (acetate tow for cigarette filters)
Air coolers
Anti-asthmatic and anti-histamines
Apatite concentrate
Balyk products
Basis of grade d for packaging products in bricks
Bromhladony (halons) ozonoaktivnye
Car spare parts and for maintenance purposes (excluding electrical components)
Cable products by type: bare wires for overhead power lines (bare wire by weight of copper)
Devices to control the level of environmental pollution in the exhaust gas and waste water
Diesel engines and diesel generators (commercial release)
Fiber-optic cable for long-distance and urban telephone
Frozen fish (without herring), produced on board the fishing vessel
Grp pipes
Grp and products iznih
Hrsg, including power technology
Installation of gas-flame
Instrumentation time (without hours of household)
Juice directly squeezed from two or more kinds of vegetables and fruits
Karbamidnofuranovye resin
Kormogrizin (in terms of bacitracin)
Kumaronindenovye and petroleum resins
Leather and cardboard gaskets from the kp-1
Lift platform logging
Line of automatic and semi-mechanical engineering and metal
Magnesite powder
Machines for molding materials
Materials from the screenings of crushing
Mobile workshops to car
Natural coffee (trade edition)
Paper-based products for domestic and sanitary purposes
Pork with removed crop
Polyethylene bags
Pvc plants in the unit capacity 50tys.tonn year and above
Self-propelled dry cargo vessels with a deadweight of 300 tons and above
Software for personal computers
Steam boilers producing 640 tons of steam per hour
Talcum powder
Tractors dt-75
Vaz-2108 and modification (front-wheel drive)
Vaz-2105, 2107 and modification
Welding robots
Wires and cables for ships (sea) in the above calculation


                  Spare parts for metallurgical equipment

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Spare parts for metallurgical equipment
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 499*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Spare parts for metallurgical equipment


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