Bare wires contact trolley copper
Blanket group
Broadband universal steel of up to 1050 mm
Butter sandwich
Bulk yarn
Car wash for fruits and vegetables
Clothes for infants
Costumes warmed
Dairy separators
Double-layer steel with stainless steel cladding layer
Drugs for cancer treatment
Fruit juices reconstituted from one type of fruit
Fruit juices
Ginseng-biologically active drug (20% water-alcohol solution)
Grinding powders of electrocorundum white: m40, bs3, ko7
Grade b-layer framework for the manufacture of packs for bulk products
Hollow glass blocks (in the conventional calculation (2.0 mm))
Hrsg, including energotehnicheskie
Instrumentation and automation tools for registration and regulation of heat energy
Jerseys from bulk yarn
Linen ready
Machines and cutting
Meat, 2 categories
Motorcycles and scooters
Offset printing machine
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) coated
Passenger cars compartment
Paperboard (including corrugated paper)
Power cables for voltage 1 kv and above (armored)
Polyvinyl emulsion (in terms of dry matter content)
Polyamides (6,6.6,6.10,12-base mark)
Processing equipment for the production of chemical fibers and spare parts
Shirts blended silk fabrics, children
Soft cheeses
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Stacker cranes
Sticks to play hockey
Steel silverfish
Steam turbine capacity of 180 tys.kvt. above
Steel, smelted duplex process (vip + var)
Tractors t-330
Tt-4m (skidding)
Uaz - 3159
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Water features (water bikes, pedalboty, etc.)


                  Mirror products

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Mirror products
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Mirror products


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