Automatic and semi-boring
Basis for chalking
Burst basis and boxed including: burst-layer packaging of cigarettes and cigarette brands and
Cars with engine capacity up to 90,0 l,
Catalytic riformirovanie raw
Cd-cassette tape
Clothes for infants
Clinker, obtained by energy-saving technologies
Complex and concentrated mineral fertilizers (in terms of 100% of nutrients)
Diammonium phosphate (feed)
Equipment for galvanic coatings engineering products
Fabrics from staple fibers
Ferromanganese, which contains more than 2 wt.% carbon
Gasoline car without gasoline, released from the raw material
Gloves of shubnoy sheepskin
Hockey sticks child
Inorganic acids, alkalis, salts and other inorganic compounds, gases: nitric acid, strong, monohydrate (gross output)
Leaf-speed steel and its substitutes (4 mm)
Live fish
Marine animal
Means of controlling microprocessor for control of technical processes
Niva vaz-2121 and modification
Oriental sweets and other sugary
Paste from butyric cow milk
Paper products and cardboard: paper packing water proof, two-layer
Packaging polymer transportation
Polyvinyl emulsion (in terms of dry matter content)
Polyester resins
Sets of equipment for cooking, cleaning and regeneration of wash solution
Semi-synthetic antibiotics
Shoes and a felt felted
Strings for bowed musical instruments
Synthetic liquid ammonia (anhydrous) for agriculture
Synthetic cord
Threaded pipe oil range with special compounds
Tt - 4m -07
Vegetable oil
Welded pipes of large diameter (over 480 mm)
Welded pipes of large diameter (over 480 mm)
Woolen fabric finished, commodity production


                  A cloth with a list of sales prices

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: A cloth with a list of sales prices
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 487*273
Charts - Production in Russia - A cloth with a list of sales prices


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