Antibiotics derived microbiologically
Assorted cold-steel bearings including
Atp injection
Building lime
Cakes, pies and donuts
Care for your teeth
Ceramic brick
Chemist cookware
Condensed milk with sugar
Concrete pump
Decorative (curtain)
Dietary flour (rice, buckwheat, oats) trademark issue
Dry animal feed (meat and bone)
Electrical explosion (explosion)
Ferronioby 50%
Fiber hemp (including bass)
Headgear of fur
Install pasteurisation and cooling plate for food liquids
Jacquard and dobby broad
Jig boring
Juice drinks
Kartofelesortirovalnye items
Kits for wooden parts of houses with walls made of local building materials, products for house-building
Knitted fabric of the new structures with a reduced consumption of materials
Leather sports balls
Marine animal
Normal-lighting bulbs
Non-metallic construction materials
Oat dietprodukty, produced from oat
Ordinary portland slag cement
Pipe-laying tractors carrying capacity of 50 tons
Potash fertilizers (in terms of 100% k2o)-grained
Power cables for voltage 1 kv and above (armored)
Sheepskin shubnaya
Spare parts for equipment gornoburovomu
Spare parts for processing equipment for trade, catering and n ischeblokov
Sweatshirts sporting destination of cotton and mixed fabrics
Towel and tissue wafer
Varnish combined
Wheat flour (vitamin-enriched) fe
White spirit
Wheelchairs for disabled
Wheat flour (vitamin-enriched) fe
Woolen fabric finished, commodity production
Woollens severe
Yeast from waste industrial proizodstva


                  Communication cable station, mining and distribution (mnogoparnye)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Communication cable station, mining and distribution (mnogoparnye)
Unit: Thousand km
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 595*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Communication cable station, mining and distribution (mnogoparnye)


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