Activity bars
Activities in the area of fixed telephony
Activity bars
Activities terminals (bus stations, etc.)
Activities of land transport
Activities in the field of mobile communications
Advertising activity
Agents involved in the sale of timber and building materials
Agents involved in wholesale trade in textiles
Coal mining
Copper production
Crude oil and natural gas service in these areas
Crude oil and natural gas
Distribution of electricity
Engineering surveys for construction
Extraction and enrichment of copper ores
Financial intermediation nec
Industrial gases
Libraries, archives, clubs and similar institutions
Manufacture of light metal packaging
Manufacture of paper stationery
Manufacture of footwear
Manufacture of wearing apparel for newborn children, sportswear and accessories from clothing fabrics
Manufacture of prepared pet foods
Manufacture of parts and accessories for machine tools
Manufacture of agricultural tractors
Moulding and processing of flat glass
Production of motorcycles and bicycles
Production of feather and down
Production of bread and pastry-durable storage
Production of electricity by power plants and other industrial block stations
Production of chocolate and sugar confectionery
Processing and preserving of potatoes
Production of microbial protein feed, premixes, feed vitamins, antibiotics, amino acids and enzymes
Retail trade in non-specialized stores frozen food
Rent marine vehicles with the crew, giving shunting services
Retail sale of sanitary equipment
Specialized retail sale of watches, jewelry, sporting goods, toys and games
Spinning textile fibers
The basic general, secondary (complete), primary and secondary vocational education
The activities of inland waterway transport
Vegetable and ornamental plants and nursery products
Wholesale trade of electrical and thermal energy (without transmission and distribution)
Wholesale trade of industrial machines and equipment
Wholesale trade of industrial machines and equipment
Wholesale trade in office machinery and equipment
Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment for agriculture
Wholesale trade of radio and television equipment, technical data carriers (with records without records)
Wholesale trade in machinery and equipment for agriculture


                  Activities of public associations

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Activities of public associations
Unit: Million USD
Source: Rosstat
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Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Activities of public associations


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