Activities of professional organizations
Activities hotel
Additional activities related to printing
Agency activities in real estate
Agents involved in the sale of fuel
Agents involved in wholesale trade in building materials
Agents involved in the sale of clothing, including clothing made of leather, accessories, clothing and footwear
Automotive retail
Crude oil
Extraction and enrichment of aluminum-containing raw materials (bauxite and nepheline-apatite ores)
Farming of poultry
Forestry, logging and related service areas
Growing grapes
Health activities
Investigation and security
Manufacture of textiles for various purposes, not elsewhere classified
Manufacture of fruit and vegetable juices
Manufacture of rubber tires and tubes
Manufacture of bicycles
Manufacture of prepared feeds (mixed and unmixed) to animals kept on farms
Manufacturing equipment for receiving, recording and playback of sound and image
Manufacture of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper, paperboard and articles thereof
Manufacture of articles of asphalt or similar materials
Manufacture of electrical works
Manufacture of furniture
Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers
Monetary intermediation
Of voluntary pension insurance
Production of earthworks
Production of electrical distribution and control apparatus
Provision of consumer credit
Production of pipes, tubes, hoses and rubber hoses
Providing services in the area of crop and ornamental gardening
Provision of employment services
Production of cast iron pipes and fittings, cast
Production of armored or reinforced safes, fireproof cabinets and doors
Rental engines, turbines and machinery
Rental of household goods and personal items
Retail sale of electrical household appliances and radio and television goods
Retail sale of construction materials nec
Renting of machinery and equipment without operator, rental of household goods and personal items
Retail sale of pharmaceutical products
Treatment of non-metal waste and scrap
Veterinary activities
Wholesale trade in books, newspapers and magazines, stationery
Wholesale of sugar
Wholesale trade wallpapers
Wholesale meat and poultry meat, including offal
Wholesale trade in textiles


                  Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics
Unit: Million USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 547*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics


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