Activities of sports facilities
Activities of maritime transport
Advising on financial intermediation
Auditor's activities
Buying and selling property other than residential premises
Cleaning and cleaning of industrial and residential premises, equipment and vehicles
Collection and wastewater treatment
Dental practice
Efforts to ensure the effective functioning of financial markets
Financial intermediation
Higher vocational education
Manufacture of bricks, tiles and construction products, in baked clay
Manufacture of tobacco products
Manufacture of tobacco products
Manufacture of corrugated paper and cardboard packaging
Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
Manufacture of textiles for various purposes, not elsewhere classified
Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
Manufacture of wire products
Manufacture of optical instruments, photographic and film equipment, except repair
Manufacture of prepared and preserved meat, poultry, meat products and animal blood
Manufacture of wooden containers
Of motor vehicles through agents
Providing services for installation, repair and dismantling rigs
Production of electrical distribution and control apparatus
Production of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
Production of raw material for aluminum
Production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water (heat energy)
Provision of social services
Production of semifinished products from aluminum or aluminum alloy
Production of abrasive products
Production of sour-milk products
Production of abrasive products
Production of sanitary works
Production of cement, lime and plaster
Provision of consumer credit
Processing of metal products using basic engineering processes
Providing services related to the reproduction of fish and aquatic bioresources
Production of steel wire
Retail sale of sanitary equipment
Retail sale of sanitary equipment
Stock stockbroking and asset management
The development of stone quarries
Treatment of waste and scrap non-ferrous metals except precious
Wholesale trade in dairy products
Wholesale of household goods, not included in other groupings
Wholesale trade in agricultural raw materials nec
Wholesale trade in beer


                  Rent your own non-residential real estate

Subject: Foreign investment in Russia
Parameter: Rent your own non-residential real estate
Unit: Million USD
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 589*273
Charts - Foreign investment in Russia - Rent your own non-residential real estate


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