Aluminum barrel
Assorted tool steel alloy
Basis for coated abrasives
Bare wires cross section of 120 sq. mm and above for overhead cost of transmission lines on higher voltage
Benzoic acid
Cameras for sports balls
Chromite ore
Clothing materials
Coats faux fur
Coal processing plants for mechanical porodovyborki
Cotton pants
Container transport from her cardboard boxes
Cylinders for liquefied gas
Designs and products from arbolita
Dyeing and finishing equipment and spare parts
Enamels, primers and fillers on condensation resins
Floating cranes
Fruit drinks
Fuel and technological briquettes from wood waste and bark
Heat supplied by boiler
Home cheese
Hydraulic turbines
Large buses (from 90 to 120 seats) and very large (over 120 seats) capacity
Lines for the production of cottage cheese separately with output 2,5 t / h
Light metal constructions
Machines for making the soil fertilizer and lime
Optical bleaching agents
Peeled veneer
Portland cement with plasticizer
Propane-propylene fraction
Production of salmonids
Salicylic preparations
Screws travel
Seafood food produced on board fishing vessels
Second lunch dishes (food concentrates lunch dishes)
Small fishing trawlers 300 hp
Steel, smelted in a plasma arc furnaces
Stressing cements
Technological equipment for mechanical engineering, trade edition (no rigging going on in-plant needs e)
Television picture tubes of color images with high brightness samosvedeniem
Tractors type tb-1
Twine industries (including paper) of fibers
Ural-5323 (gp 9 t)
Vacuum for the production of sausages
Vegetable juices and baby food ovoschefruktovye
Walking excavator


                  Wooden beds

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Wooden beds
Unit: Thousand pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Wooden beds


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