Abrasive tool for all bundles
Air conditioners, industrial general-purpose
Backhoe bucket capacity 1,6 cubic meters
Bicycles (without children)
Child poluchulki
Crustaceans and molluscs
Cylinders of large displacement carbon (72 liters and above)
Decorative (curtain)
Dishwashing machines
Electricity generated blokstantsiyami including: thermal blokstantsiyami
Fancy fabric ready
Fiber artificial
Fish fillets ice cream (without herring), produced on board fishing vessels
Fishing rope
Furnaces for sausage production
High-density polyethylene pipe grades
Hollow glass blocks
Industrial robots
Jig boring
Jig boring
Knitwear for children
Light metal constructions
Low molecular weight liquid rubbers
Mixture of asphalt road, airport and asphalt (cold)
Non-woven batting (the sum of codes 774616, 774617, 774618, 774619)
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) coated
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) enamelled
Passenger lifts (incl. hospital)
Polyethylene and polypropylene (polyolefins)
Polystyrene plant at the unit capacity of 28 tons per year and above
Printing machines
Pumps, chemical and special
Salomas technology
School notebook
Sports jackets insulated baby
Staple nonwoven batting
Table tennis
Technological equipment for production of building materials
Universal containers with a gross mass of 3 tons (type uuk-3 and hp-2, 5)
Vermiculite bellied
White bread flour 2 sorts (mass products of more than 500 g)
Zhidkotertye oil paints


                  Light metal constructions

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Light metal constructions
Unit: Thousand square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Light metal constructions


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